Menstrual pain

Menstrual pain: chiropractic treatment can help

douleurs menstruelles

Do you suffer from menstrual pain that make your days more difficult or that hold you back? Chiropractic care can help decrease and eliminate the symptoms.

A physiotherapist can assess the physical symptoms PMS can have on your body, as well as the risks that can influence or worsen your condition. A physiotherapist can then offer you advice and coping methods to suit your needs. This can include manual therapy, relaxation point stimulation, kinesiotaping or electrotherapy. The effects of PMS may include intense cramps, headaches, constipation and more.

Why consult a chiropractor?

  • No need for a medical referral.
  • The chiropractor has the training and competences to make a diagnosis and carry out an adequate treatment plan.
  • Several private insurances cover chiropractic care.
  • As the chiropractor is specialized in global medicine, the possibility of relieving other pains (headaches, vertebral subluxation, etc.) is also possible.
  • The first consultation is FREE.

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conditions traitées par la chiropratique
Office workers

Prolonged posture, leaning forward body, contracted trunk muscles and rounded lower back? Consult your chiropractor.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique
Active lifestyle

Chiropractic allows active people to make the most of their activities. Golf, skiing, running or gym; consult us if necessary.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique

If you have osteoarthritis, a chiropractor can help you. You do not have to tolerate this intense pain.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique
Manual workers

Intense physical efforts, repetitive movements and other difficult situations can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Consult early.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique - femme enceinte
Pregnant women

Increasing weight causes significant stress on the lumbar region of the spine and pelvis.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique - enfants

Frequent falls and poorly adjusted backpacks inevitably affect your child’s spine. Consult a chiropractor.

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