Sciatic nerve pain

When it comes to sciatic nerve pain, it is often associated with intense pain or tingling from the buttocks to the toes. This is a good indication that pressure is being exerted on the sciatic nerve. When the pain sets in, it follows the same course as the nerve, which is usually on one side of the body. Since there are two (one on each side of the lower body), it is possible that both nerves are reached at the same time.

Treatment for sciatic nerve pain

Your chiropractor will perform certain tests to assess sensory function, coordination, muscle density and reflexes, especially if he suspects a herniated disc. He will then suggest an appropriate treatment plan to relieve sciatic nerve pain.

During your first appointment with our chiropractor, a check-up will be done as well as an examination of your spine. This assessment will establish a treatment plan appropriate to your situation.

Sciatic nerve pain is a condition that can be treated with chiropractic care

conditions traitées par la chiropratique
Office workers

Prolonged posture, leaning forward, tense trunk muscles and rounded lower back? Consult your chiropractor.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique
Active lifestyle

Chiropractic care allows active people to make the most of their activities. Golf, skiing, running or gym, consult us if necessary.

chiropraticien montreal arthrose

If you have osteoarthritis, a chiropractor can help you. You do not have to endure this severe pain.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique
Manual workers

Intense physical efforts, repetitive movements and other difficult situations can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Consult early.

chiropraticien montreal femme enceinte
Pregnant women

The weight gain during pregnancy causes significant stress on the lumbar region of the spine and pelvis.

chiropraticien montreal enfant

Frequent falls and poorly adjusted backpacks inevitably affect your child’s spine. Consult a chiropractor.

Chiropractic is supervised by the Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec, whose mission is to protect the public. To be admitted to the Order, chiropractors must obtain a doctorate in chiropractic. Chiropractic training covers several areas including anatomy, neurology, biomechanics, orthopedics and radiology. Consult the website of the Order here (french only).

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