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The Clinic remains closed for the moment. However, remote consultation and follow-up services are available when needed for all new patients or those who already have a record at the clinic.


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Chiropractor in Montreal

Looking for a chiropractor in Montreal? The Clinique Chiropratique Vision Santé offers professional care using the best chiropractic practices.

Dr Hani Karout, chiropractor in Montreal

Our services

Personalized chiropractic care

Based on your health goal (relief, correction, maintenance).

Many chiropractic techniques available

Diversified, Activator, Gonstead, Pierce, Atlas specific.

Muscular work

Trigger points therapy, stretching, PNF.

Personalized muscular re-education plan

Stretching and strengthening.


Postural improvement

To stand straight and look better.

Ergonomic advice

Find your optimal position at work.

Certified massage therapist on site

Swedish, athletes, pregnant women.

Chiropractic care in companies
To reduce work related injuries.
Health oriented conferences

30 minutes workshops on spinal hygiene.

Office worker

Bad posture and long hours sitting down affects your spine. Visit our chiropractor in Montreal.

Chiropraticien à Montral pour sportifs

Chiropractic allows active people to fully enjoy a their activities. Golf, ski, running or gym. Visit our chiropractor now!

chiropraticien montreal arthrose

Are you suffering from osteoarthritis and stiff joints? Our chiropractor can help you. You don’t have to tolerate this pain any longer.

conditions traitées par la chiropratique
Manual worker

Intense physical efforts, repetitive movements, and other heavy work can bring to skeletal muscle trouble. Take an appointment quickly.

chiropraticien montreal femme enceinte
Pregnant women

The increased weight can be the cause of an important stress to the spinal column and pelvis. Our chiropractor can help you to feel better during your pregnancy.

chiropraticien montreal enfant

Frequent fall and backpack incorrectly adjusted can affect the spinal column of your child. Visit our chiropractor in Montreal.

The Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec regulates the practice of chiropractic. The mission is to protect the public by assuring high standards of practice. Chiropractors need to have completed their undergraduate doctoral studies in an accredited teaching institution. Chiropractic training includes courses in various subjects such as anatomy, neuroanatomy, biochemistry, orthopedics and radiology.

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