Chiropractic to treat back pain

Whether it is lower back or upper back; the sensation or pain of a backache is never pleasant. This condition can often be chronic, caused by a fall, an overly repetitive movement or following a wrong movement (moving house, strenuous physical activity, etc.).
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Treatments : 

Chiropractic can treat back pain through natural manipulations that require no medication. After an evaluation to establish a proper diagnosis, your chiropractor can offer you a treatment plan to treat:
  • Lower back pain;
  • Upper back pain;
  • Pain between the shoulder blades;
  • Sciatic pain;
  • Lumbar sprain;

The Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec regulates the practice of chiropractic. The mission is to protect the public by assuring high standards of practice. Chiropractors need to have completed their undergraduate doctoral studies in an accredited teaching institution. Chiropractic training includes courses in various subjects such as anatomy, neuroanatomy, biochemistry, orthopedics and radiology.